Dove Hunts in Mexico

Dove Hunts in Mexico

White Wings

White Wing Doves

World-Class Dove Hunting Close to Home

Tamaulipas has long been known for its abundant White Wing Dove population, and after 12 years of rest the dove population is at record levels! Hacienda El Dorado is located strategically in the center of the historic dove areas. We have two large roosts in close proximity to the lodge, and enjoy incredible numbers.

Shooting is conducted over various agricultural fields, each shooter is supplied with a semi-auto, two bird boys, a chair, cooler and snacks.

We space each shooter at a safe distance and in a location previously scouted, rarely shooting the same fields twice.

We have Beretta A300’s available in 12 and 20 ga. and will be continuously adding to the armory.

Shells are Aguila, and we have been very pleased with their performance. From lethality to reliability.

Drives to the dove fields will average 30 minutes with the longest being an hour and half. We only go to the distant fields if the numbers are truly incredible.

You can see thousands of White Wings, Mourning Doves and European Collared Doves in a day and the shooting is unreal!



White Wing: August 21, 2022 – September 31, 2023

Mourning Dove: November 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023

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