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The Mexican Rio Grande Turkey is regarded as the monarch of the spring. Here at Hacienda El Dorado, we pride ourselves on being true turkey hunters. As turkey hunters, we understand others who share our passion. Turkey hunters are often a different breed. We welcome these fanatics. A Tamaulipas turkey is a true wizard of the woods, he is hunted not only by humans but by a selection of some of nature's most efficient predators. Bobcats, Puma, Jaguars, Jaguarundi, Ocelots, and Coyotes are all in his territory. He must outsmart them year around. A wary bird indeed, and a most worthy adversary.

About the Hunts

What to Expect on Your Rio Grande Turkey Hunt

At Hacienda El Dorado the focus is on you. We cater to how you’d like to hunt; whether you want to show up and start hunting immediately or if you want to take part in the scouting, we'll provide the experience you desire. Our guides will be with you from beginning to end. They will show you the lay of the land and stay close by to ensure your safety and aid in a successful hunt.

Our scouts cover thousands of acres looking for prime hunting areas and will have a good idea of where the turkey is each morning. You can take part in the scouting yourself - it’s up to you how you hunt! We hunt a wide variety of turkey habitats such as

  • Rugged range land
  • Dense jungle
  • River bottoms
  • Agricultural fields

When Can I Hunt Turkey in Mexico?

Our Spring Turkey season in Mexico is from the end of March through the end of April. It is a fantastic way to kick off your year! Visit our FAQ page for more information on hunting with us.

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